I’m Just Too Much Fun..

Whenever I visit the city I attended college in, my home away from home, I always hook up with my ex boyfriend. This is an ex from four years ago, that I should have dropped the minute he ghosted me. Some how, I’ve managed to hit him up every time I’m in town, and often times he’ll randomly reach out to me via social media checking to see when I’ll be in town again. I guess you can see I have unfinished business.

too much fun

Honestly, we’ve always had a great time together. The sex is an A plus, I’m always guaranteed delicious dinner, and tasty drinks. So, whenever I have extra time on my hands, and I’m up for an exciting night I’ll call him. On our most recent date night, he was curious to know why I don’t have a boyfriend yet, especially since we’re now in our mid to late 20’s. Now, I could ask him the same question, but I could guess a few reasons why he’s single. Besides, I know he’s inquisitive only because I’m a woman with no history of a relationship over the course of four years. Yea, he’s that guy.

My answer to his question was that I’ve been on my grind, doing my own thing, and getting my career in order. I felt my answer was sincere, but for him, it may as well been shit on a platter. He instantly grew quite a large pair of balls under the dinner table, and proceeded to coach me on the reasons I don’t have a partner. “You’re just too much fun, ” he said. “Guys need to be controlled, and you just go with the flow. Everything is a good time with you.”  Little did he know, I’m all fun with him because I’ll never take him seriously. For only a moment I pondered over his reasoning. For the sake of it, let’s say that I am too much fun. At what point should I stop being fun, to let a guy know that I’m truly interested in taking the relationship to the next level? Why does control ever have to play a part in a relationship? That sounds like a relationship doomed for failure. How about I just keep being fun, and find someone fun to ride along. What’s so bad about that?



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