Banana Nut Bread.. My SA Experience


It started off as a “normal” first date. He invited me to a bar on the Upper East Side, near Grande Central. It was the perfect sunny day for a date. I’d just moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn a month ago. Needless to say, I was beyond broke, so I tried my luck with SA. For those who don’t know, Seeking Arrangement is a sugar baby website. The idea is that young attractive women will be pampered by older successful men with no time to date.


His online profile read 29, but judging from his wise eyes and five O’clock shadow he was clearly 40+.  He was polite enough, but I definitely sensed a don’t give a fuck attitude from his slack body language. I ordered a mojito, he followed suite. I asked, “So, what are you looking for in an arrangement? What brought you to SA?” He tiredly replied, “I’ve never done this before. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I supported her financially. It made me feel good to help someone get on their feet.”


As we finished our second mojito we walked out into the sticky summer heat to go our separate ways. As I turned to walk away he pulled my arm in for a kiss. His lips felt foreign. He invited me up to his apartment, which was conveniently a block away. Alarmed, but curious, I accepted his offer thinking money was in the equation. Once upstairs, I quickly scanned the small space. I sensed it was shared with a woman. There was no turning back at this point. As I sat on the couch he offered me a slice of banana nut bread. Being from the south, it’s hard to deny my love for baked treats so I accepted the desert. As I ate the moist, delicious treat he began rubbing his clammy hands over my shoulder and massaging my arm. Before I put the last bite in my mouth he had one hand between my legs, and another on my breast. He aggressively pressed his lips against mine and I let him. I’m not sure what kept me intrigued, or made me stay. As I contemplated my ability to think logically and clearly he continued exploring my body. Before I knew it, my clothes were on the floor. He was inside of me. He thrust himself back and forth, first soft, then harder. I could feel his breathing getting heavier. Then, he pulled the condom off and came onto my stomach.


Just like that, it was over. My mind was racing, and I needed to leave. We promised we’d be in touch soon, but leaving the building I knew I’d never come back. I knew the best thing I’d gotten from that arrangement was the moist and delicious banana nut bread.

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